Songs on the Fire Escape

Friends, its been a nice summer. Its been restful, relaxing. I got a chance to travel to Maine and Vermont and spent time with good friends. Wine, mountain hikes, small town shopping, outdoor yoga. So much fun time.

I have to focus though, and release my next album. I have to stop the writing, practicing, planning and everyday busy-ness for a moment to celebrate what has already been created. My next album "Songs on the Fire Escape", recorded in Asheville North Carolina with the wonderful sound engineer and producer Phil Ludwig. Amazing musicians. Songs elevated.Magic.

I feel strongly about recording my songs. I feel like these songs came into being, and they deserve their chance to be heard, hopefully enjoyed, by you, my music friends and fans.

Spending a little time on the graphic art will help propel me into completing this project. Wait until you see the wonderful photography completed by Barbara Beeman of NJ. Stay tuned.


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