2 songs placed in award winning movie "Like Us"

I am so super excited that 2 of my songs were placed in the movie Like Us. The movie script was written by students in a charter school in Jersey City, NJ. The script explores issues such as homelessness, bullying, death of a parent, and more. I would like to notice that the film also honors strength and kindness and therefore is a beautiful model for anyone who watches it.

The two songs of mine that are in the film are Waterfall (from my album "Handcrafted") and Wandering (which will be on my new album "Songs on the Fire Escape", to be released November 2019). I am so honored to have been a part of this movie.

"Like Us" was shown at The Golden Door Film Festival in Jersey City. It won 2 awards: 1 for best local movie, and 1 for best director.

Fun fact: Natalie Merchant also has a song in the movie!



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